I´m aiming for my work to have a mindful perspective on the everyday life. In my eyes moody weather creates an atmosphere that can not be compared with anything else and that sometimes reveals the true beauty of a place.

My ambition is to capture that very beauty, to freeze that moment, make it somehow timeless and give people the chance to experience it through my lens .

Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to see the beauty in something.


Photographer & Brand Consultant 


Born in 1990 in  Hanover, Germany, I was creatively influenced early on, by my dad who worked as a graphic designer, art teacher and painter. Even tho I never felt as skilled when it came to painting, I soon discovered a love for photography, that grew over the years and had its major breakthrough with the purchase of my very first DSRL Camera back in 2009. I soon spend most of my free time photographing, editing and improving my knowledge.

I´ve always been fascinated by rough weather, back in the stormy days in Brittany or raging thunderstorms in Hanover. And someday I simply risked taking my camera with me in the rain and just started shooting. I´m grateful for that very moment, as it was the beginning of all of this.

When I started my Bachelor of Business Communication at the University of the Arts Berlin, my passion for visual creation was combined with a first class education in strategic panning and brand management, that soon became yet another passion of mine.

While currently finishing my master thesis in Business Communication at the Berlin university of Applied Sciences, I managed to finally develop a freelance business combining the things I love, focusing on my dearest hobby, photography, while working along with some of the finest brands out there.

I´ve been living in London, Sydney, New Zealand and Berlin in the past eight years and I´m grateful to be able to show you some of the beauty of these places.

I hope you enjoy.

Take care.


Publications & Exhibitions


Foto Meyer: Award – Dein Bild des Jahres 2016

Foto Meyer: Award – Wanderlust

CEWE: Award – Wasser Element des Lebens

Adobe: Featured Photographer

Instagram: Featured Photographer

Nikon Deutschland: Featured Photographer

Sony Xperia; Featured Photographer

 I Heart Berlin : Article – Die Schönheit des Regens

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin: Exhibition – Instagram Analog

Käffchen: Exhibition – There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

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