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I am an active member of the Berlin Instagram Community with a daily growing, highly engaged and inspiring audience of over  25.000 people from all over the world.

See pieces of my most recent work below, get a feeling for this beloved project and feel free to join me on my journey…

Discover Insights

Let´s take a closer look at the foundations of your brand and find out about User Insights, Target Groups, Personas and much more.

Digital Branding Strategies

HOW to position your brand in a digital world, HOW to become unique? Profit from my Years of Experience in Brand Management and Strategy  and let me support you all the way through market analysis, strategic planing and creative directing to make you’re business a rising star on the sky of real Love Brands.

Let´s plan together

Native Social Campaigns

Let´s create strong, lasting branded interactions for your brand.

Unique quality content

Storytelling is the key to digital branding – so lets join forces and let me help you plan and create highly unique native content and even complete digital campaigns perfectly tailored for your brand. All from one. Unique and authentic. First hand experiences.

and whatever we can imagine ...


On The Edge | Faroe Islands, 2018 © Maximilian Streich


I use Nikon gear since my very first steps in photography and am more than happy that I teamed up with this digital imaging industry leading brand to work on both products and projects together.


Working as Brand Ambassador for HUAWEI, using their latest flagships for my mobile photography workflow, supporting the brand in social media relations and unique visual content, shot worldwide,


Content Creation and visual Storytelling for NISSAN´s #ElectrifyTheWorld Campaign

visit Berlin - content creator

Content Creation and Event Documentation for Berlin Tourism Board Visit Berlin

Press Record | Faroe Islands, 2018 © Maximilian Streich


Content Creation and strategic brand and precut consulting for Sony Consumer Electronics.

BMW - Content & Documentation

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