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Those of you who haven’t manage to read about my photography journey might not even know this but my inspiration to start photography did not come from street photography at all. When I started to take cameras a little more serious, landscape was the way to go for me. I looked for brilliant shots on fotocommunity and bought magazines to get inspiration on long exposure and composition in nature. And even though it is still something I love, my focus has shifted and nature is not my primary field of photography anymore, Still I find inspiration in brilliant creative minds who master Landscape in a way I could never even dream about. I´m honored to be able to share some of them on this very journal. 

Sit back, relax and get lost in the wild.


1. Chris Burkhard – @chrisburkard – The Ultimate Idol

Chris is one of the few photographers that I actually see more as an adventurer. There are many on instagram calling themself that, but this man really is one. His movie Under an Arctic Sky gave me chills and so do many of his amazing shots he keeps sharing.




2. Kai Hornung – @kaihornung – Hometown Hero

Kai is a fellow photographer from my beautiful hometown, Hannover. His artworks are taking us to some of the most beautiful places in Europe. I simply love his clean, rather unfiltered style, that is rather rare among aspiring landscape photographers on Instagram these days.





3. Ray Collins – @raycollinsphoto – Aquaman

Following an unique approach on nature photography, Ray is taking his camera to the wild oceans of earth, waiting for the most incredible liquid structures to rise in the swell. Not only is he a stunning artist but a fine mate with an inspiring story. I´m happy to have met him this year at photokina.





4. Benjamin Hardman – @benjaminhardman

Among all the attempts of mastering the popular VSCO look, this Gentleman right here really manages to. The style adds something surreal to his work and makes it standout among many many others.

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Interpretations. During my last exhibition I was often asked what exactly is going on in this image. To a viewer who has never seen a glacial river from above, standing in front of this print in person seemed to make their minds wonder. Out of this I heard some truly interesting interpretations of what this scene could be, such as tree lit up in the darkness of night, patterns in sand or a macro image of human veins, the list goes on. I’m intrigued to know, what do you see in this image? P.s. a lot of people have asked if I could put a smaller variant of this print up on my store. I’m stoked to say this now available in limited edition 8” x 10” – check my story for the link ✌🏼

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5. Benjamin Everett – @bejamin – Master Of Minimal

Benjamin manages to create a minimalistic, clean style in his work, that blows one away. I’ve never seen someone that expresses landscape photography in such a contemporary, artistic style.




Who inspires you the most?

Let me know in the comments who’s your favorite or who you’d add to the list.

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