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On the elemental difference of digital versions and prints – The benefits of buying Limited Edition Prints directly from the Artist.


Presenting my work digital sure is great, no other way I´d have reached this many people within the past two years, so I’m definitely grateful for media like Instagram and this very Website you happen to scroll on right now. Nevertheless, especially on Instagram with its tiny 5:4 crops and peoples lightnisng fast scrolling between puppies, quotes and artworks, it seems hard to give photographs the impressions they deserve. I think it might not even be about the people, since I myself experience to only give a short amount of attention to photographs, even if I really admire them.

75X50 Fineart Print On Ilfort Gallery Paper

Following this experience, I am pretty sure that it is about the medium itself. I happen to edit my pictures on a 27″ WQHD display with all optimized colors and still, there is not the slightest competitions towards holding the physical photograph in hands. Even if it is not the most high quality print, and comes in rather small size, there already is a huge difference.
But once I pick up my work from local manufactures, where its hand-printed on some of the best quality papers available,
and in sizes of 45x30cm and over, that still is the best feeling ever. Even tho I am the one who actually took the shot and saw the whole scenes for real,
it is an overwhelming feeling of holding that piece of work in my hands.


Close-Up Structure of 75X50 Fineart Print On Ilfort Gallery Paper

I love to try a lot when it comes to printing. and as I enjoy playing with different formats, papers and materials as well, my flat happens to look like a very narcissistic kind of gallery, being flooded with pieces of my own work. Luckily I don’t care about that, on the contrary, I actually enjoy it, since it drives my creative spirits whenever I see what kind of results can actually happen during one simple stroll outside.
Beside the metallic shine of my favorite Ilford Gallery Paper, I also love to create prints on fine-art paper behind acrylic glass. This finish works beautiful, especially with some of my colorful rain shots. The acrylic finish is creating a significant depth to the photograph making it even more vibrant and draws you right into the scene.


As I do acquire prints from other Photographers as well, for example the amazing Ray Collings who is an absolut inspiration, I truly take care of what kind of decoration I bring into my apartment, my personal happy place. My criteria is, that there has to be a story and emotional connection to it, and that’s something you will never find with the color-key London Bus from IKEA and not even with the so called unique Prints from juniqe and co. Websites like the letter, just buy a license from the artist, print his work in medium or worse quality and pay him 30% of what you actually paid for the print – if the artist is really lucky.


Therefore, whenever I do decide to welcome a new artwork in my home, I make sure to get it from the Artist himself. Only then I make sure that my appreciation and money actually goes to him and his future efforts of creating.



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