STREICH´5 – Streetphotographers to follow on Instagram

As I was writing my first articles, of which most are about the my photographical journey, I thought it might be interesting not only to talk about my own development also the people who are having an crucial influence on the way I see the world, on how I work and shoot.
This will become a small series on this blog, a series that will grow within time, as my inspiration and influence that photographers grows.
I hope you´re gonna enjoy this as much as I do.




1. Joshua K. Jackson – @joshkjack

To me personally, Joshua´s photographic eye is one of the finest out there. His attention to frames and colours are unique and an everyday inspiration to me.




2. Jörg Nicht – @jn

Jörg is a Berlin based photographer who actually inspired me to finally move my work to Instagram. During the past two years this man has become not only a true inspiration but also a kind friend.

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lady in orange. Berlin

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3. Craig Whitehead – @sixstreetunder

Craig is the ultimate master of framing. His compositions of people and there surroundings, structures and colours, are pure class and the fact that he has a thing for umbrellas too makes it even better.


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London – Feb 2018 #streetphotography

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4. David Sark – @_davidsark

David is working the streets of my beloved Sydney, as well as different asian metropoles and manages to capture the atmosphere second to none, both in close-ups and wide shots.




5. Paola Franqui – @monaris

Paola manages to catch emotions in the everyday street life like no other. Her intimate street shots tell a thousand stories and take you right to the places, Paola is traveling.

Who inspires you the most?

Let me know in the comments who’s your favorite or who you’d add to the list.

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